First Timer?

What to expect for your first wax, especially your first brazillian or bikini wax

What do I need to do to get ready for my wax?

As long as your hair is long enough for the wax to grab, your wax specialist will take care of the rest! Hair should be about a quarter inch in length, about the length of a grain of rice and able to be pinched between your your fingertips. For most people this is about two weeks of no shaving. There are a few things you can do to make your wax more effective. Exfoliating your skin the day prior to your wax can expose any hairs stuck under dead skin, allowing the wax to grab them. Having moisturized skin also prevents hairs from breaking during your wax. 

How long will my wax last?

We recommend waxing every 3-4 weeks. Be aware that your first wax will remove the hairs in the final growth cycle, but there may still be some hairs growing under the skin that you will see pop up within a week or two. Your hair grows in cycles, so consistent waxing will help your hairs become in-sync, making each wax more effective and longer lasting.  Allow your hair to grow in between waxing without shaving so that they can all be removed at your next wax. Waxing regularly damages the hair follicle, causing hair to grow back finer, softer, and thinner.     

Does waxing hurt?

There's no getting around the fact that waxing is pulling hairs out of their roots, so it is painful. To make your wax experience as comfortable as possible, try these things: take an ibuprofen about a half hour before your appointment. Avoid caffein and alcohol, which are stimulants and increase blood flow, and pore constriction, creating more sensitivity. Don't shave in between waxes! Shaving creates a thick, blunt tip rather than a soft, pointed tip. Waxed hair is less painful to remove than shaved hair. Wax consistently. Each wax gets easier, because the hairs are thinner and the follicle is weaker, making them easier to remove. Lastly, relax. You are in good hands. All of our wax specialists have years of experience. They will do everything in their power to make you as comfortable as possible. The more tense you are, the more difficult it is for us to work quickly and effectively. If you are relaxed we will be able to do what we need in order to reduce your pain. 

How do I care for my skin after my wax?

Your skin will be a little red and sensitive for about 24 hours after your wax. A little bit of bleeding immediately following your wax is normal. Avoid anything that would cause irritation or friction, like intercourse, working out, and hot tubs. Begin consistently exfoliating 2-3 days after your wax. Preventing dead skin build-up will help prevent ingrown hairs. A serum containing exfoliants and anti-inflammatories can also help with ingrown hairs. Ask your wax specialist for a recommendation.

I'm on my period. Can I still get waxed?

Waxing right before or during your period may be a bit more painful, but as long a you wear a tampon during your period, it makes no difference to us!

Is there any reason I can't get waxed?

Anyone taking Accutane can not be waxed, and must wait 6 months after discontinuing the medication. Retin-A, Tretinoin, Differin, or any retinoids need to be discontinued for 7 days before waxing. Antibiotics may cause some sensitivity so you may choose to discontinue use for 3 days before your wax.