Airbrush Tan

Airbrush Tan


How it Works

We use a top of the line airbrush machine to  spray your body from head to toe with a solution of DHA and cosmetic bronzer. DHA  is an FDA approved sunless tanning solution. Come get a flawless tan without sun damage!

DHA works through a time-delayed reaction with the amino acids of the top layer of your skin, slowly darkening the pigment over 24 hours. 

The solution contains a cosmetic bronzer that rinses off in 1-24 hours depending on which solution is used. This is to allow us to see where we have applied the tan, since DHA takes time to develop. You'll want to make sure you wear a dark colored swimsuit, underwear, or provided disposable underwear during your spray tan. Loose, dark clothing is also recommended to wear home, as cosmetic bronzer can rub off onto clothing. 

To achieve the best tan, come with your skin well exfoliated. Avoid barriers, like deodorant, lotion, and makeup, which will block the solution from reaching your skin. After your tan, stay very moisturized and avoid exfoliating. Tans last 5-7 days, but can last 10-14 days with proper care. The color is on the layer of dead skin, so whenever that layer comes off, so will your tan. This also means that the solution is not absorbed into your skin and is completely safe for anyone!

Airbrush tans are a quick, safe way to get sun kissed skin. Schedule one today!